Park Reservation Strategy

We are supposed to go beginning July 31 this year-waiting to see which resort we end up at and also waiting to see what happens to Florida Covid numbers over the next few weeks.

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It’s an uncertain time, that’s for sure! We went to a local beach yesterday and everything seemed so normal, even though it’s not.

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Starting your first day at Epcot makes more sense, time wise, especially if its a travel day. It didn’t really occur to me at first but it certainly makes more sense. For us, we fly to tampa and rent a car to drive up then drop it off at Swan and dolphin. Then I can get a boat (hopefully?) over to Epcot.

I am planning our trip for Nov 13-22. I decided to move forward as if the crowd calendar will be almost completely irrelevant. I believe the weekends may be slightly busier. No parks on arrival or departure days. Two resort days.
Sat 14 MK
Sun 15 HS anniversary take 2 (just husband and myself)
Mon Resort Day
Tue 17 AK
Wed 18 MK
Thurs 19 EP
Fri Resort Day
Sat 21 HS family day

Since we’ll only be doing one day each at EP and AK, i want those to be weekdays when they will be less busy. I decided our other weekday park would be MK instead of HS because it doesn’t really look like HS will have a whole lot to do. I would’ve switched it up and made HS one day and do a second day at AK or EP if not for DH and I wanting to celebrate our anniversary there, and we still really want to take our son there to. So, two days even though I think it’ll easily be a one day park right now.

I will book my HS days, then my MK days, then EP, then AK. It’s probably not that serious, but i’m going to pretend that it is.

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AP; Off-site :sob: So, I can only reserve 3 in advance. So I’m going with HS, AK, MK…then hopefully the don’t sell out so I can do HS, EP, MK, AK. September, prime hurricane season, hoping park numbers live up to touring plans crowd calendar. Normally we’d park hoo to EP a few times for F&W. But given we can only pick one park per day, it’s fallen to the bottom of priority due to all the construction. (I hated when we went in January)

6 hours left! Good luck everyone who’s making reservations tomorrow!

And congrats to anyone staying at one of the resorts opening tomorrow!

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So does anyone know how much “flexibility” there is or isn’t with the reservation time?? I ask because sometimes there are transportation issues/delays, but also sometimes we decide after a late night to take the next morning slower but get an earlier start some days…it’s vacation, lol!
Wondering if we’ll be expected to be at park entry precisely at our time, or if it works like a FP window…I make mine in the morning and I’m freaking out about not knowing!

I’ve heard conflicting ideas but most commonly that return time will not be enforced. If it is enforced, it will only be that you can’t be admitted earlier than the stated time - later is ok.

Anyone getting logged in successfully? I am in finally but page taking forever to load to be able to click on MDE section. Thought I found a roundabout way but when scrolled to bottom of main page and clicked on MDE there, BUT when I click Park Pass, the same info page keeps loading, not actual ability to do it. :confused:

Yes, I was able to split the group one day, 3 in EPCOT and 3 in HS.

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Whaaaaat?? Really APs can only pick 3 days at a time? So Offsite will be one day at a time? Up to your ticket total?

I’d love to know if FPs are still going to exist down the road… all things being equal, I’d always want my first and last park days to be MK (I typically go to MK 3 times per trip). However, what I ACTUALLY usually close with is HS to maximize my chances of getting hard to get FPs. If FPs weren’t a thing, I’d probably put HS closer to the beginning of my trip.

Not knowing what will happen later this year (my trip is booked Oct. 30 - Nov. 6), I reserved my park days this morning assuming FPs will exist, and that HS will once again need to be my final day.

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It is doubtful Fast passes as you know them are coming back, IMO, but…no one knows for sure.

Direct quote from Disney:
"the FastPass+ service will be suspended for the time being as we plan to use additional queue space to manage capacity at our attractions and maintain physical distancing"

Sure, but I’m not going until November. Fastpass might come back before then… or after… or as Ryan1 says, never at all.

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No one knows for sure, that’s true. I don’t think they’re gone for good, just gone for good for everyone for “free”.

Since all parks have limited guests does it really matter what day you go to a park? Won’t one park seem like the same as far as crowds go? Does anyone understand what I a getting at?

We have 3 park tickets out of 6. Park Reservation wouldn’t allow to pick for all six (cause don’t have park tickets). I’m hopeful that Disney will accommodate other 3 as part of the group when they get tix.