Park reservation June 2021

Went to book a Saturday in June at MK b/c we are splurging on one night at WL at the end of our vacation and the Park Reservations were full already! I realize they will probably open more as they increase capacity but still! On the bright side we are 6 nights at Carribean Beach and one night at Wilderness Lodge…longest trip ever!!! Had already saved for the cancelled trip so this will be an easy “save our money”!

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For real?? I honestly haven’t even looked yet!

What?! I haven’t looked and I refuse to buy tickets until I know who can come with me.

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I don’t have a ticket yet because I was AP; I suppose I can go book for my family. I maybe should?

I don’t think I want to know.

I see ALL Green…
WDPRD Availability Calendar (

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Ah yes. All green across all categories. PHEW!!

@Sandyh where did you see it all booked up??


I had to look… b/c that far out for it to be full didn’t make sense. There seems to be a pattern of holidays filling but not a month filling up w/o a holiday; this far out wouldn’t fit the pattern.

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Yes even 7/4 and the days around it is wide open

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I noticed it does that sometimes…like it’s broken for a moment and it comes back shortly. Do they possibly have network issues? I know with their hotel rooms one day, they all the sudden went completely away for June and then came back a few hours later so maybe the park pass system goes down sometimes?

The Disney Parks Blog regularly seems to go down for me too.

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I AM SO SORRY!!! i somehow managed to hit 12/25 when i was adding our MK day!!! thanks for checking we are now booked for June…that’s what i get for changing a trip while putting Bailey’s in my hot chocolate at 10am on a day off! Let’s hope i booked the flights for June!!!


my boss confirmed my vacation days in june at 9:55am…we now have flights, hotel, tickets, and park reservations…not that i am at all excited/anxious/hoping this trip sticks!


well that actually makes sense :slight_smile:

Hooray for June though!

Remind me your dates? We are planning on 6/21-30, OKW

Yay for June!!!

so fun! we are 6/20-6/27!!! even got our flights for the afternoon so we can do Father’s Day with my Dad! Hoping that WAT is back on… it is going to be our “instead of DAH” since our cancelled trip we were going to DAH MK and AK.

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i have a lot of long hours to make up for with my kid and also doubtful that overnight camp is happening (she loves it!) so here comes a fun trip! Next year Italy or Hawaii (i’ll be 50)!!!