Park reservation for a last minute guest

Not sure where to get help, I have a solo trip booked at the Dolphin with park tickets and have my park reservations. But my friend who is a Florida resident is interested in staying one night at my resort and if possible going to the park with me the next day. The park of course is HS an it doesn’t look like their is ant availability that day, but she may be able to get a pass from a cast member, not sure if those tixs have a different rule? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

I think the best you can hope for is a drop opening. Spam the park res throughout the day and hope for an opening. Have them try reserving it even if it says no b/c CMs cannot override the system and give ppl spots.


Thanks for the info

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Hey wanted to let you know that I’ve been checking and checking and checking over the past 4 days. Last night I scored 2x HS reservations for this Tuesday. This morning it’s unavailable again. Keep checking… I’ve been watching about three times a day. I see the most change late evening.


Wow that’s awesome, I just checked and still no availability, but now I’m seeing some dates have no park availability. I haven’t seen that before but I didn’t think End April and beginning of May would be so crowded! It’s getting crazy again.

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I’ve been told that nobody at any level can change that.

I don’t believe it. But it’s what I have been told, and that’s from high up on the chain.

Keep checking. I see things change throughout the day.

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Not sure where you are in your decision making process but wanted to share that this morning I saw park availability change 2x this morning, 0645-0710 hrs, while trying to make a decision.

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I’m in the same boat! Looking for a last minute park pass to HS on 4/30. I’ve been attempting to book dozens of times each day to no avail!

Any tips or tricks? How far do I need to “back out” before trying again (ive been going all the way back to the ‘create your party’ page)?


Welcome to the forum! (I always feel like a gladiator when I write that :joy: )

I’ve seen and grabbed HS reservations by simply checking throughout the day, but I usually find them first thing in the morning and later in the evening.

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