Park reservation changes

What’s the latest you can change your park reservation, assuming they have availability at the park you want to go to?

Just before you tap in.


Our fam is here and about to have our 8th park day tomorrow (today since it’s 1:30 AM now) Fri 10/22. We asked the kids their 2 top priorities before bed and of course they cover all 4 parks. I planned out how to hit them all but just woke up in the middle of the night and realized we can’t do it with PH starting at 2 PM. I also realized I needed to change my park reservation from MK to HS to start the day at MMRR. Now I appear to be screwed.

I tried to start fresh making a park reservation in MDE and it warned me that some parks did not have availability. I figured this was trying to tell me I couldn’t make one because I already had one at MK.

Then I went ahead and cancelled the one at MK. But I still get the same error message when I try to book HS. So now I have NO park reservation!

The park availability calendar shows green for 10/22.

Any suggestions!?

Did you get it sorted out?

Yes! There must have been a glitch in the middle of the night when I was doing this. I was having a hard time sleeping (stressed that we would be spending the morning getting this fixed), so I tried again about an hour later and was able to make a reservation no problem.