Park Reservation cancelled if hotel cancelled and no offsite pool left?

Darn it. My plan was to wait to link my campsite reservations until after I made the park reservations. But it looked like it did that automatically from my phone or email. Disney IT being smart, I didn’t expect that.

My reasoning was that I’m not sure whether we will stay on or off site, so, I have two reservations at the moment and I’ve considered a third. So, if I made the park reservations while there wasn’t a hotel listed, we would get from the off-site pool. That way the reservations wouldn’t be in jeopardy if I went with off-site.

Just now I linked our tickets and started to make the reservations. I noticed that it had me in one reservation group, and DH and DD in another group. Only I am listed on the reservations, so it must be using the on-site pool for me.

So, what do I do now? There is still availability so I suppose I could cancel those campsites, make the park reservations, wait until I see the CC refund, and then re-reserve the campsites.

But, is there a way to remove the campsite reservations from my account and then add them back in later?

I guess I could just hope that the reservations will stay wide open. But, I have a feeling all of Britain will be there when I am (Jan 2022). Then you add in the regular and delayed S. American Quince. trips. I’ve given up my dream of a low crowd visit.

Actually we Brits usually travel during school holidays since we get fined for taking kids out of school, I wouldn’t expect many in January. Mid July to end of August it seems like every other guest is British.


I haven’t been checking daily lately, but when I did the theme park tickets availability always matched the on site guests availability. I looked today and it is the same for July - exact same availability for both buckets. I started to think there are only two buckets, but don’t know that for sure of course.