Park Reservation and Itinerary Advice

My husband and I will be in Orlando for a conference at the end of Feb. We decided to stay a few extra days and go to Disney. We will be staying at the Swan Reserve checking in Sun 2/26, Disney Mon & Tues, and checking out Wed. We have park hopper tickets and would really just like to hit the highlights. Especially the thrill/newer rides. Happy to buy G+ and ILL. We will have EEH at Epcot on Mon in addition plan to RD. What do y’all recommend for reservations?

Thinking maybe a reservation Mon at HS, then park hop to MK, break at the hotel, followed by EEH at Epcot. Tues thinking of reservation at AK, followed by anything we didn’t do Mon in Epcot or MK. Thoughts? The only thing we are really interested in at Epcot is TT and Guardians, will we have a problem doing these during EEH or ILL? If we can do more that would be great, but not sure it’s worth dedicating a whole morning reservation to Epcot just to get a BG (especially if we can try and get one later or do ILL). We have never been to AK, is that worth a morning reservation? Thank you!

Hi. Congratulations for your trip! What are your must do’s at the other parks? Knowing this will help prioritize. EPCOT is easily a park to hop to based on you musts there.

AK - FOP, Everest, Navi, Safari

Those are our priorities. If time allows there are a few more rides at Epcot we would do (Soarin, Mission Space, Remy) but hoping these would be easy to get through quickly during the EEH at Epcot. Would love any feedback!

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Seems to me HS and MK should be your reservation parks, while EPCOT and AK should be your hoppers. Especially since you are down with G+ and ILL.

AK usually opens and closes the earliest so if you want a jam packed day, that’s a good one to go to in the morning then hop to another park with later closing hours.