Park Reservation and Hopping changes expected in early 2023

Still to be confirmed but good news. It’s unclear how AP holders with an onsite reservations will be treated, they may still have to book parks at least initially.


If true, this addresses my wondering about how they will handle knowing how to staff…


"Park hopping will return for date-based tickets at any time and will no longer be restricted to 2pm. Annual Passholders will still be restricted but will likely be able to park hop earlier than the current 2pm limit.

Date-based Walt Disney World theme park tickets will no longer require a Park Pass reservation, with park entry secured upon purchasing the ticket. Annual Passholders will still need a reservation, at least initially."


Okay. I figured this couldn’t have been an Iger initiative … And this confirms…


I came here specifically to flag @Randall1028 for the park hopper change!


I also wonder what will happen at DLR. I have non-date based tickets from UT. Am able to make my park reservations for Easter on Nov. 30th…


A little late for me but I’m glad this is changing.

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Correct. This was rumored back in…June? I think? Sometime around there.

Annual pass people being restricted hopefully is just relegated to those without a hotel stay. :crossed_fingers:

Sooner this changes over, the better.


About time. And for resort guests with multiday tickets it looks like you’ll just have to select your first date of use like you do now anyways.

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I really hope this is real and sticks.

We don’t do many days at WDW when we visit Orlando and I’ve been wondering if it would even be possible to do what we want.

We would only do 2 days. One day would be mainly HS with EP thrown in just to ride GOTG. And the other day mainly AK, with a quick visit to MK for Tron.

With the changes, I would have flexibility and feel confident that I can make this plan happen and be able to experience everything we want to on the same day.


I am guessing there’s a pretty good chance. Steve at wdwmagic usually avoids posting rumors unless he’s pretty sure from his sources in the company that there is something to it. Couple that with what @len and Jim said on the Disney Dish earlier in the week, I think this is likely what the plan is right now. Of course things change so who knows, but I bet Iger would want to take the win on this even though it predated him.


I edited the title to say early 2023 Nate as of Jan.

Possibly to accommodate further tweaks.

Still some unknowns, like APs, single-day park hoppers etc.

If they open sales again and my whole family can hop at the same time (even if it is later) I can live with it but I won’t be happy. AP holders, staying on-site but being treated differently might be an issue for some.


This would seem to mean that the “no LLs showing up until after 2:00 pm” rule for park hopping would also be dropped. I don’t see how it could work otherwise if park hopping can occur earlier than 2:00 pm.


I agree 100%. This will seriously anger many AP holders.


Unless I am misunderstanding you, there is no such rule today. The only rule is that you can only book the next available LL. If you park hopped, that meant you wouldn’t be able to use a LL that was available sooner…but simply because you wouldn’t be in the park. I didn’t think you were actually blocked from booking one earlier, however, were you?

The only change from before was it used to allow park hoppers to start booking our from 2 onwards when no one else could, which was a bit unfair.

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At the moment I believe if you try and book an LL for a park that you do not have a reservation for, you will not be allowed to if the return time is before 2pm.

They will have to drop, or amend, that if they allow earlier park hopping.


I suppose my wording was ambiguous. LLs don’t show up for potential hopping parks until the return time for the applicable LL hits 2:00 pm. That would need to change.


I see. Yeah.