Park Re-Opening - Details, details

Wasn’t sure where to post this, so new thread it is.

I’ve just read a report from someone who went to the MK previews and they included some specifics about seating on rides, which I thought might be of interest to people.

Mine Train
sat in front seat of 1st cart & 2nd cart was loaded last seat

Big Thunder
same as Mine train

I’m guessing this is because of the speed of the ride, and the effect of that on droplets being carried through the air

It’s a Small World
sat 1st row, family was seated in last row & boat is sprayed down every other time thru giving time to dry

same as Small World, but didn’t personally see them cleaning

every other row & spacing of 3 seats per group

seated every 3rd cart

stretching room is walk thru

Many other rides were walk on & unsure of spacing

CM wore masks & face shields


I’ll chime in with our experience at the preview yesterday.
Mine train - loaded every other seat. Cycled through after cleaning (saw the cleaning)

Pirates the loaded first row and last row, we saw cleaning here too

Small world we were the only ones in the boat but the ride was empty, 5 empty boats in front of us, didn’t witness cleaning but it was first thing in the morning so may not have needed it.

HM loaded every other doom buggy. This was also the case with little mermaid.

Astro orbiter loaded every other rocket.


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I saw that Jungle Cruise boats are unloaded, sprayed down, and sent around empty. This appeared to be done every other. So that when the empty one comes around it gets loaded and the one behind it, which has people, gets unloaded, sprayed down, and sent around empty to dry.


People have been pretty critical of Disney opening when cases are skyrocketing, but it really looks like Disney has implemented a number of new policies and procedures to minimize the risk. They can’t stay closed for years.


I’m pretty impressed w/ their opening procedures and Uni too. I would feel more comfortable going there than the grocery store! Now, if we could just demand that everyone everywhere wear masks…


Thought I’d mention reports I’ve seen saying if you try to rope drop MK and get there too early before the parking lot opens, you are waved back down World Drive. They will not open up early.

Same at AK yesterday, they waved people back towards the McD, although they did open up a little early.

So it may not be worth it.

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This was our experience for the AP preview (different than regular park open, I know). There was a huge line of cars waiting at Speedway. We had a breakfast reservation at the Wave so we just headed there and parked and walked. But we checked to see if they opened the parking lot early, just in case :slight_smile: