Park planning strategy

Usually we have an AP. I am not opposed to getting PH but in light of recent changes, I might want to spend the money on PH vs Genie.
So my question is on Park days(we go for 7 days- and do fly in early and depart late, so I am getting 8 day tickets), I am leaning toward HS-2, AK-1, E-3, and MK-2 (I am putting an E on Monday and MK on Wednesday incase they do have late hours for deluxe/DVC), should I do one more day HS- and can drop for a MK day if not needed. Last yr I had 3 HS days and they bailed on last day- didn’t want to go to anymore parks(just due to crowds and covid)
This is for March 19-26th Spring Break week.
We have gone many times and kids love going to E every night to snack and drink- but with Genie and the timeframe we are going I am wondering if the PH money would be better spent on Genie. I think the boys only really want ROTR, Splash and BTMRR. Most other rides like HM, Buzz, POC, JC, TT, Soarin, Space M are great. Still haven’t ridden MMRR in last 4 trips and never have done SDD, so you can tell I am ok missing rides. No one does RRR, TT, 7DT.
So 1 more HS day vs MK day and add PH and Skip Genie or wait and see?

Wait and see is likely wise as we don’t have any real ideas how many folks will buy Genie+ or not nor the paid LL$ stuff. So it is hard to estimate for sure if you will want to buy Genie+ or not - if everyone gets it and the standby lines are forever then you may be almost forced into it unfortunately. Or if no one gets it so you can book instance access all the time you might want it…

I will point out an extra HS day gives you an extra shot at the ROTR boarding queue so I would likely plan on that. If you go parkhoppers you can always bounce over to MK some afternoons after 2 to make up that time.

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