Park plan help needed

We are going to WDW Oct 23-26, so 3 park days. We will land at 9am on Wed and I’m thinking we should Uber to Port Orleans, to avoid the wait time for the express bus. If we do check in online and just show up to drop the bags, we could bus or Uber to a park to get started right away. There are no children, just 2 adults.

My main question is which parks to pick each day. I can make FP reservations starting tomorrow. Here’s my current idea:

23rd: AK starting around 11, FP for FOP at 5 or 6pm if i can get it
24th: MK until it closes at 6pm, then Epcot
25th: early magic hours at HS, then back to whichever park we want to spend more time in

Other option:
23rd: MK
24th: AK
25th: HS EMH + Epcot

What would you do? This is all so confusing with the fast pass system and FOP being already almost gone…

Your first option is probably the same plan I would go with (and is somewhat similar to what I am planning to do the weekend before). The crowds are relatively low for all of your days, since they are midweek, so that doesnt have to have much of an impact.
If you wanted to have a better chance at FOP, you could switch your AK day to the 24th.
One thing to consider, with MK closing early on the 24th and 25th, if you want to see HEA, your only chance will be the 23rd. Not sure if that is a big factor for you all, but worth considering.

Personally, I would go with AK on the 23rd. Try for as early as an FOP FP as you can get, and try to modify it leading up, or using the SDFP drops (also use those drops if you cant get a FP for it at all), plus your other two FP. Then once I’d seen all I need to at AK, I’d hop over to MK after dinner for a ride or two with SDFP and HEA. Head back to MK on the 24th, booking FP there and using as many SDFP as I could, probably until after the parade and then head to Epcot for dinner and the evening. HS early on the 25th until I was ready to hop to whichever park I needed more time in.

I’d probably consider adding a FP for FOP in the early afternoon on the 25th as well, either as a backup if you can’t get one for the 23rd or as a chance to ride twice! With all the changes to the FP situation at HS, getting one pass to a Tier 1 there would probably be outweighed by a second chance at FOP, especially if that is a priority for you. Just an idea though!

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Thank you for your input!

I like the first plan also.