Park Picking: to EMH or not to EMH?

Would one of these plans likely have shorter lines than the other? All parks are at "4" crowd levels, assuming no FPP usage.

Sunday PM (EMH) @ DHS 4pm-8pm, Mon AM (EMH) @ AK 8am-12pm
Sun PM @ AK 4pm-8pm, Mon AM @ DHS 9am-12pm?

Hate to give up 2 days of EMH but I love AK at night and this is the only night of our trip it'll be open past 5pm (Last week of Oct)

I've read that evening EMH can be hit or miss. The park can still be crowded because they don't kick people out but the lines may still be shorter because you have to scan MB to get on rides. With a level 4 day though the crowds wouldn't be huge to start with. I have also seen evening EMH @ DHS is probably the least useful. We actually planned our December trip without using any of them.

I'd generally say that morning EMH is great for short lines. However, the last hour or two of evening EMH often has short lines too. I usually only use EMH if it fits into my plans: eg I want to catch a nighttime show on an evening that happens to have EMH or I'd like more time in the parks so EMH is he way to go there. And, I'm generally more focused on overall crowd levels than what's happening w EMH

Personally, I would choose the second option. We did HS evening EMH on our trip, and it was crazy busy. I also just feel like AK would be fun at night, and that it's likely to be less busy than in the morning. Maybe check the attraction graphs within the crowd calendar? Compare Rock n Roller Coaster from 4-8 pm to Expedition Everest from 4-8 pm and see which graph looks better.

With no FPP I would go with the second option for TSMM alone. That said we are doing the first option on Nov. 2 & 3 because AK has no late hours during our trip and since we want to see Fantasmic this trip the evening EMH at DHS make sense for us. Also staying walking distance from HS so that is nice for the evening EMH. If not for those factors and later hours at AK I would probably do the other option.

I hear AM EMH is great. We can never get up that early. LOL! But we really love evening EMH at MK but I was meh about EMH at HS.

I'd pick the 2nd option too. Love animal kingdom at night - so pretty. Also love how short the lines for everything go in the last couple of hours when it's open till 8pm.

Also have found evening EMH at the studios are not great for rides - lines for TOT, RnR, TSMMR have remained long whenever I have been there. Good for atmosphere etc though.

You can get a lot done during morning EMH. My DH once rode Tower of Terror all by himself bc no one else was in line.

Having this same debate for Nov 2-3. Leaning towards option 2 and no EMH for us personally, but then I second guess myself. We don't usually get to stay on property, so I feel like I should really take advantage of EMH when I can. But then I hear evening EMH at HS isn't so great. And the circle starts again! I keep going round and round!

@TiggersFriend I just checked and AK closes at 7 on Nov. 2. Not sure if that will change our plans, probably not. Imagine we will take advantage of HS and all EMH we can on a 4 1/2 day trip.