Park pass system needs to go

No, of course not. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I just thought the one you really wanted to change would be the one you couldn’t.

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you know it … murphy’s law and all

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this is what I see and the one w/o the mod choice is the one I had to cancel and rebook

Curious, is the one you can not modify closer in date then the other 2? Or maybe the modify coexist with a resort stay? This is weird.

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It was closer but it shouldn’t matter, should it, if all the parks are open for all ticket types?

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You would think. I wonder if anyone else has the same thing going on. Maybe they implemented a rule you can only modify x days out :woman_facepalming: this would bully people into keeping a park day closer so Disney could plan :joy: I might be giving them too much credit. Could just be a glitch. Are you able to make a reservation even closer to the one you cant modify and see if it gives you the option to modify?

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Well… I don’t want to try b/c the res is for tomorrow. :joy: ;and the only way to see if you can change it would be to cancel it. Although I can see here it’s all green still Theme Park Reservation Availability (

Oh, yes dont mess it up :grimacing:

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But it does make me wonder if because it’s so close coming, Disney isn’t giving a modify option… hmmm.

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hmmm… don’t know, and I bet Disney IT doesn’t know either :rofl:

Ive googled it and all I can find is that some reservations can be modified. Someone in the comments of one page, forgot which one, said they think it’s bc of the “ticket type” they used on their AP? Don’t know what that means but hopefully we’ll find out soon. I am now very invested in the answer. :joy:

Interesting… The one for 2/7 is an AP APR and it’s allowing modifications.

I believe that AP park reservations can be modified but regular tickets can’t.


or hotel/resort APR?

Oh. That I don’t know but I seem to remember on our Fab Four trip that those of us with APs could modify and those with a regular ticket could not.


Hmmmm, this is getting interesting. I can’t find any explanation online. If that were the case can’t Disney just come out and say it. MYSTERY


I checked my email confirmations for a clue but it doesn’t tell me what kind of ticket I’m using but it does have this statement:

|##### Cancelling or Modifying Your Reservation

If your plans change, please be sure to cancel or modify your theme park reservation. Here’s how:

  • Visit My Plans
  • Select “View Details” for the theme park reservation that you’d like to cancel or modify
  • If you wish to cancel, select “Cancel Reservation”
  • If you wish to modify and are eligible to do so, select “Modify Reservation”

Note: You can modify your reservation date or reserved park. Please modify or cancel prior to your originally scheduled arrival date. Bonus reservations and reservations made in connection with a Resort hotel stay cannot be modified at this time; you’ll need to cancel and rebook.||

now I remember I had made a bonus reservation. That’s where a park is ‘starred’ b/c they want more ppl there so it doesn’t count against your allowed park reservations.

I know. It’s weird. I may not be remembering this correctly. Calling @Julianne_fki @Wahoohokie @JustKeepSmiling to see if they do.