Park Pass Reservation Timing Question

I apologize if this has been answered elsewhere, I didn’t see it but haven’t had time to comb through all replies on related threads…

So does anyone know how much “flexibility” there is or isn’t with the reservation time?? I ask because sometimes there are transportation issues/delays, but also sometimes we decide after a late night to take the next morning slower but get an earlier start some days…it’s vacation, lol!
Wondering if we’ll be expected to be at park entry precisely at our time, or if it works like a FP window…I make mine in the morning and I’m freaking out about not knowing!

Not that I am aware of. My husband asked me that last night and I said that nobody knows because nobody has done it yet.

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I have heard from multiple sites/people that after calling and talking to a CM about this the answer has pretty much been; Your park reservation gets you into that park all day no matter what time. You will be granted access at anytime during the parks operating hours. Which means you can RD, or sleep in and come later. Also confirmed that you can leave your park for midday break and return at any time to that same park that day.


Assuming you can make a park reservation. It’s been 33 minutes since they opened them up, and I still can’t get into the site.

Yeah everyone I’m texting w/ at the moment is having same issue, following some twitter threads as well, no one.

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I was just able to get on to the site and make my reservations. :grinning:


I’ve been waiting about 40min just to log in.

It if makes you feel any better, I had my browser on the Castle “One moment” page for almost 1 1/2 hours before it let me in. Once I was in, though, it was very quick and easy.

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Did you get everything you wanted?

Yep. Easy breezy beautifully!

But there are some others hitting glitches along the way. :confused:


Hopefully soon everyone will have it working soon!

Same! I got done after about 2 hours total. I got in on Chrome faster than Safari for whatever reason and had better luck hovering over MDE then clicking Park Pass System, then prompted me to sign in vs trying to sign in from main page then going through process.

I was so glad to see that your arrival window was the whole day of park hours, not a specific time!

@ryan1 since you’ve made your park reservations have you looked at the app? Do they show in my plans? I was able to finally get mine, and I took screen shots, and they showed in my web browser (back when i was “in”) but they don’t show in the app.

EDIT: I spoke too soon, they are in my app.

I just checked and mine show in the app

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Yup, i just edited my question. lol, I see mine now too.

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We got on after about a minute wait and got all our reservations about 3:30 this afternoon. We even changed one of the days about a half hour later, just cancelled the one day and reassigned it to another. I was surprised how fast it was.

Time is show up anytime in the window. My biggest questions are DHS start 10 am and EPCOT start at 11. What’s with that. We are out to November and the mornings start so late without EMH? Kinda weird limitations on rope drop.

They wanted to stagger openings to avoid crowding at transportation, etc. They could change this by November though depending on conditions, so don’t put too much stock in that.