Park my own car or Disney transportation for after hours party?

Will have a car for a few days of our stay, and we are going to the Merriest Party during that time. Should we drive and park, then drive back? My concern is that we still have to wait to get to the TTC, and then walk a good distance to get to the car especially since we’d arrive to the parking lots late, and I have heard that they are parking people out far rather than filling in closer-in spots for park hoppers and what not…

Mobility isn’t a big deal- no strollers/scooters. I’m just trying to figure out the most reasonable way. We will stay at Caribbean Beach (or maybe switching to Coronado Springs, not sure yet…).

My vote is for buses for the party. There won’t be a ton of people after the party and they will be motivated to get you “home” quickly.

I would vote for buses. That is late night, after what could be a long day. I’d be tired, and only too happy to leave the driving (and navigating) to someone else. I admit that I struggle to navigate the roads at WDW (and very glad DH does the driving), with the way they tangle all over the place and there is no handy, reliable map of them.

Oh my husband and I have had some strong words trying to navigate those roads lol! And ended up in cast member only areas…

I like the sound of leaving driving to others. :rofl::rofl:

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This irked me pre-Covid and makes me so mad if they are still doing it without the trams running! (As that was their old excuse.) We often had to smooth talk our way into front row parking spaces mid-day. But if you are “leave the driving to Disney” type of people then I think you’ll be better off on the bus than driving tired in the dark.