Park maps

We are going to The World in January, surprising the kids for Christmas. I was hoping to get some park maps to stick in the “surprise” box. Does anyone know where I might could get them.

Thanks so much

You can order free customized park maps at

The large format maps that they send are quite beautiful - I have mine hanging on my office wall. There is also an option to print the maps. I would go ahead and order the nice maps (although they may or may not get there by Christmas) and then print off the smaller ones as a back-up in case the big ones don’t arrive in time.

They also come in a personalized envelope - perfect for putting in a surprise box!

The one drawback is that they are double-sided, with 1 park on each side, so you can’t make 4 posters out of them. :frowning:

You can if you combine two sets of them :smile:

Thanks so much for the info!!!