Park Hours

I have to make ADR’s in 4 days and WDW doesn’t have the park hours or EMH out that far yet. I see Touring Plans has park hours and EMH listed. Are these for this year or based on the hours from last year this time? I really need to finalize my plans so I can get up and make my ADR’s first thing on the 14th. Thank you to any help anyone can give me on this. WDW has been no help at all with park hours. They are insisting they don’t know the hours beyond what is posted (one week prior). Find that hard to believe. Thank you again for any help with if the hours posted in the calendar are for this year or not. :smile: park hours up to mid Nov. They will change and can add extra hours at any time . Extra emh mornings are added 2-3 weeks out. TP hours after mid Nov are guestimates based on historical data. Also but think this is going to change when they add in more info on evening events

The second link that @mumcalsop posted is the current official operating calendar for November. These hours will change over time - see for more info on how park hours are released.