Park Hours: VS Walt Disney World


I saw on the Disney World website that the park hours of somedays in january 2017 are not yet available.

But on the touringplans crowd calendar, all days in january 2017 have the park hours available.

Can i trust on touringplans?? (i know i allways do, but the very official disney site don´t show me the hours!).

Thank you very much!

I believe the hours TouringPlans has posted are their best guesses based on the data they have from past years. I would trust them for preliminary planning and, if they happen to be wrong, you can adjust your final plans when Disney publishes their hours. It should still be months in advance.

It’s worth noting that Disney sometimes changes their hours. This has been the case with my upcoming October trip (AK’s closing went from 5p to 7p; it may change again, depending on the popularity of their evening entertainment). So, you can’t really “trust” Disney either!

Yes, TP are based on “likely” hours/ based on past years. Disney releases official hours 6 monhs in advance.

Where TP is using projected park hours they clearly state it on the Crowd Calendar. However, in this case they are using the official hours that WDW has posted in the TA calendar for January 2017

With exceptions such as DAK late hours this Sept/Oct/etc

Thank you!

Thank you for your help!