Park Hours (Predicted)

When I create a touring plan for Wednesday, July 12, 2017 the hours for Magic Kingdom are predicted to be 9:00am - 11:00pm with evening EMH until 1:00am. I’m struggling with getting all the attractions into the time we have for Magic Kingdom, these extra hours would solve it for me. I cannot find at the Disney site hours listed yet for July 12. Should I make the assumption that I can count on the hours touring plans is predicting and create my plan accordingly?

Disney publishes park hours 6 months in advance, so there will be nothing “official” for July until next month. The TP predicted hours are based on historical data. Keep in mind, that even after Disney publishes the “official” hours, they are frequently changed/updated as the time gets closer. Any TP made 6-plus months in advance should be viewed as a VERY rough draft as hours, predicted CLs, ride closures, etc. can all change; I don’t even really work on a detailed one until around 60 days.

At the 6 month point, your focus should be on “which park which day” and ADRs…

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Good to know. I’m working on dining this weekend and looking at the plans in conjunction to those dining plans. Thanks for the info about the 6 month window and that times can change.

Maybe get an 8-8:30 BOG then can fit in more?