Park hours keep changing

I am noticing that the park hours keep getting extended each week. Do you think this will continue to be a trend? I am going 3rd week in May and have my TP and ADR made based on the old times. I will have to replan everything. aarhhhh

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Yes, they’ve been doing it consistantly since January. Only 2 to 3 weeks ahead is when they extend the hours.

It hurts us with the planning but it has been their strategy for whatever reasons.


Fingers crossed when October comes the MK will be open late!

…and summer traditionally has extended hours; pre-covid you might see parks open until 2am.

Are they doing any fireworks? I know they are not scheduled but do they do “random” fireworks. I kind of liked not being out as late and getting up early. But if there are advantages to the late hours I will schedule naps during the day, GS4.

Yes! Crowds are much lower in the late afternoon and evening than early afternoon. Especially HS and MK.

No random fireworks as of now. Been here all week and nothing.

The only fireworks you might catch would be the Harmonius testing. But it would be after Epcot was closed for the night.