Park hours in June

Well, universal just reduced their park hours for the week of June14. Originally in June 14 both parks were stated as being open 8am-9pm. Now they both open at 9am with Universal closing at 8 and IOA closing at 9. Why would they reduce the hours just as summer is getting into full swing and the Velocicoaster fully opened? I’ve been so looking forward to seeing the dragon specifically in diagon alley after dark and now won’t be able to.


I wonder if it is a response to Disney increasing their capacity?

I’m not sure. Several days that week are predicted to be crowd level 10, so it just doesn’t make sense to me that hours are being reduced instead of lengthened. When we went two summers ago both parks were open until 10.

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This is odd and not a good omen. Summer is going to bring bigger crowds. TAs are noting that more ppl are calling to schedule trips and they want to go NOW not in 18 months.

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That’s what I was concerned about. We are staying at RP so will have express pass, so I’m not worried about ride access (except for Hagrids). I just love being in the parks after sunset though…


and in summer… when its SO HOT, after sunset is a blessing :wink:

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Thanks for the info. this is not what we wanted to hear but it’s good to stay on top of.

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Just a small glimmer of hope for you … hours at UOR are notoriously fluid and also the website has been known to not match the app and vice versa. Hopefully it will switch back.


I’m really hoping the hours change to more the closer we get. Now that my 12yo can withstand not going to bed at 8pm it’s a bit disappointing to know have the late times.

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