Park Hours Changes - Spring 2019


When I started planning our trip to WDW for April 2019, the estimated park hours were longer than the official park hours that have now been posted. Pretty much every park is open one to two hours fewer than what had originally been estimated. Also, the EMHs have changed to different parks altogether on a couple of days.

I know that TP bases their estimates for park hours and EMHs from previous years. Will the original estimates from TP end up being more likely? Will WDW most likely change their hours later on? A decrease in hours doesn’t really make sense to me, being that it is around spring break. It would be very disheartening, too, in view of the fact that ticket prices have significantly increased and we would be paying more and receiving less.


April 2019? Those hours will not be set until March 2019.


At this point, I would never go by hours from the previous year. Disney has been changing the hours from year to year. Spring break will be worse due to Easter shifting every year. Hours come out about 180 days before and then can change, usually about a month before your trip.

I will agree though that hours have been shortened significantly. I remember during our honeymoon in 2007, MK being open until 3am for EMH.


Thanks for the reply and for the correction.


The hours have been updated around the 13th-15th of the month before. So look around March 13-15. It is not fair, but that is what they have been doing.


I’ll keep my eyes on the hours, then. I’m sure I’ll get a notice from TP as well if they should change.

It is definitely frustrating, though. Like I’m sure many Liners do, I factor in the hours and EMHs when choosing which parks to visit on which days, which ADRs I plan to book, and even the days I choose to arrive and depart altogether.


I would guess that the TP hours from last year are probably a good indication. TP originally had a 12 am close on one of our MK days for our March trip and then Disney released the preliminary hours 180 days out and MK is slated to close at 10 pm that day. I am hoping/planning/expecting an extension, but you never really know.
Disney will release updated hours mid-month the month before, and then rarely, another update even closer to the date. As far as I know, hours will never be shortened from the 180 day release but may or may not be lengthened ( either or both earlier opening, later closing)


It’s a good indication.

But at that time of year, you have to factor in Easter and Spring Break. Disney will alter hours for the busiest times, and those will shift from year to year because of Easter, and whether or not it coincides with SB.

Also they can change the days for EMH at any point, so although you can make rough plans, ideally you can be flexible enough to change to use/avoid EMH as you prefer. It’s unrealistic, IMO, to expect them never to change EMH days or the frequency. But once the hours are published at 180 days, they shouldn’t be shortened. And EMH should remain on the stated days, although they could add extra (like every day during Christmas week, for example).


I’ve found TP’s predictions before Disney releases their calendar the best thing to go by. Once the official hours come out, TP uses those and only adds the hours as Disney does.