Park hours changed for MK - now what?

This may seem like a dumb question but if the park hours changed from a 9 AM open to an 8 AM open does that mean that they opened up fast passes at 8 AM and I should be trying to get them?

I also had what had been a PPO ADR at BOG - guess I’ll be canceling that, I am very thankful that I still have a BOG lunch ADR that I can use instead.


Yes, when park hours are extended more fast passes are usually released 12-48 hours later.


Wicked excited about this!


Im excited for midnight closing for one night at least. I have a BOG to cancel as well so looking for 7DMT at 0800 now.

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My plan was so perfect - but definitely excited for the extra park time.

Rebuilding my plans now! Cursing that, but so excited for a nice long break at Poly for swimming and napping, and then a nice long evening at MK!


Waiting for 8:00 fpps here, too! After all this time fretting and juggling my tp, they were perfect for all 4 parks. With the extra hours announced yesterday, I was able to pick up an evening FOP and evening 7DMT. That threw my plans into chaos since we are park hopping. Ugh, first world problems! We’ll actually be in MK for pm emh from midnight-2:00. My DD14 is either going to love me or hate me.

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Nice! My kids are little so the later hours are no help to us - We have been planning on squeezing a few rides post fireworks but now those wait times are much longer.

About half of MK has 0800 FPP at least for 4/25. Still waiting for 7DMT to drop lol

Unless you can get 7DMT, I almost wouldn’t get a FPP for the first hour. When the park opens at 8, lines are pretty short almost everywhere.


Just got 7DMT for 4/25 at 0800, not sure if they are still available

I just got 7DMT FPP for 8:05 on April 16. Totally suprised as I had seen all day at least 5-6 other rides with 8:00 fpps.

I still can’t figure out a new plan for the day. . . why is this so hard?!? It should be a good thing to have an extra hour at the park! Why is it stressing me out. . . I am an over planner I guess.

Edited : I see you have help on this in another thread.

Yes I buckled down and worked on it :slight_smile:

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