Park hours changed for March- ACCKKKKK.... need new TPs!

thanks! sounds like I should keep those FPs!

definitely keeping it!

Maybe TP isn’t up-to-date on 7am EMH? I played around some more & it suggests a 12 min. wait if we do 7DMT at 8:00 vs a 22min. wait if we do it at rope drop. Doesn’t make sense…
Not sure how to check with Len.

Ok, so I have made a few changes.

  1. With FoF now at noon, too, I changed our FP to noon from 3pm. I had to play around with some things after that. Still hoping for a BOG lunch after FoF that day.

  2. With HS opening at 8 instead of 9, I need to start at 8 in order to try to get an early Jedi Training time (by the 1:50 showing). I guess we’ll be there at 7:30. Ah well. More time for DS and DH to ride ToT.

I’m still playing around, but I really do not think I can get the folks there for 7am EMH. That said, I was planning to be there by 7:30 for 8am anyway, so I think I can bounce my days to start at 7:30am at least. That’s actually pretty awesome. Just when I thought I was done with fiddling around with my TPs! heh. Who am I kidding, I kind of love it.

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This is what DL was like at Spring Break, too! 8 and 9am were fine. 11am - BOOOOOM. Could barely walk.

yup, I kinda love it, too! can’t stop myself from playing with the TPs. I created two versions for a couple of days based on arrival time… just in case!

Did you create a 7am TP? If so, I’m interested to know how many rides (attractions) you were able to get in the 1st 2 hours. Your very 1st post said you were aiming for 9-10 attractions. Were you successful? Just wondering cuz, no matter how much I optimized, I couldn’t get that many (I got 7) & I’d like to know if maybe I’m doing something wrong.

I did create a 7 am plan, @Gussy30 with 9 rides by 10 am. It does not include space mountain, 7 dwarfs, and haunted mansion since we have FPs for those later. 3 rides in fantasyland, then 3 starting at 8 am in adventureland, and then 3 in tomorrowland. Get on ride #9 at 9:59!

@Gussy30 email “webmaster at touringplans dot com”.
Be sure to reference the URL of your TP & ask about the wait times on 7DMT.
It could be a data issue.
7AM RD is fairly rare, so the data may not be as extensive.

Also, I’ve noticed that the wait times right at the beginning of the day on TPs can vary a lot if one chooses the “Welcome show” as the 1st step, or not. Not sure if they ever ironed that issue out.

My recollection is that I got all the long-line attractions done before 11am with almost no wait. 7am to 8am is truly magical. 8am is like another RD when Frontierland & Adventureland open, so you’re at the front of those too. By 9am, you’re doing 2nd-tier attractions that still have no wait. By 10am, you’re using your FPs still with no wait. By noon, you’re doing the stuff that never has a wait, by 2pm, take a break, lunch, out of the park, or just relax, it’s a mad house by then. If you can do it, it you can manage it… 7am rocks.

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Ok, whew, that took awhile. I am really happy right now with my week. Even if it will be during the week before Easter. The extra hour really helps even if we are just entering at 7:30 instead of 8am. This also made me revise my AK plan and it’s a lot better now. Thanks again for posting rjrose!

Whew! Re-did my TP. I did a 7am plan & managed 10 attractions (I say attractions cuz we’ve got A Pirate’s Adventure in there) before 10:00 (getting on our 10th attractions just before 10:00. Seems pretty good :slight_smile: Now we just have to get ourselves outta bed early enough to make it there!

Which leads to another question: What time would we need to be at the bus stop (PO-R) to make it for 7am rope drop?

Thanks again for the post about the time change. Really appreciate it. I would not have thought to check for this!

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Thanks, ejj, the TP does say 22 minutes for 7am 7DMT with a 12 minute wait an hour later (no Welcome Show in our TP) . I’m just not techie enough to send my TP to Len - don’t even know what a URL is!!! (don’t laugh…)

I’m not going to worry about it. I’m going to trust my instincts that say the line will be shorter at 7:00 than 8:00. We’ll just see how things go. Maybe the 22 min. projected wait will be less & we’ll squeeze in another ride! Wishful thinking, I’m sure…

The URL would be: “” where xxxxxxx is a 7-digit number. This shows at the top of your browser. Or you can probably just email webmaster at the 7-digit number. You probably want to ask if the data for 7DMT is accurate. It may not have adapted to the earlier time change, or it may actually be possible that after an initial wave it mellows out (hard to believe, but you never know). The TP team is really responsive on these things, amazingly so. Plus, if it really is a problem, you’re helping them to diagnose it by calling attention to it.

Anyway, I’m glad you got a nice TP worked out.

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I tried to send an email but it bounced back. Obviously I’m not doing it right. Nevermind. I’m just going to stick with my 7:00 plan. Maybe the 7DMT wait will be shorter later, but I’m not going to chance it.