Park Hours Change - goofed up my Na'vi Plan

The plan was: 7:30 AM Boma breakfast, then AK (opening time was 9:00) to ride Na’vi. Getting there at 9:30, our TP said a 33 minute wait.

New Park Hours now released: 8:00, so we will be arriving at Na’vi an hour and a half opening.

Anyone have experience with the wait time for Na’vi with this type of schedule? Is our plan still likely to work? Our Touring Plan still shows a 33 minute wait, but I’m having trouble trusting that.

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Sorry, but I don’t trust that original time. I did a 9:00 opening for FoP. I was at the gate before 7:30, on FoP by 9:00 and in line for NRJ by 9:20. I waited 75 minutes in that line.

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I agree with @PrincipalTinker.

I must say that Boma for breakfast was awesome! The best omelette evah!!!


What day was that on @PrincipalTinker ?

Touringplans has a video where he did both in like 45 minutes if I remember right.

I’m wondering if NRJ is fading for the rope drop crowd.

It was a couple of months ago but you just never know. I got into the line with a posted 20 minute wait. I have watch Brian’s video. It was almost exactly the same. I was loading FoP at 9:00 and I walk very fast. Others have looked st the Navi line and walked away. Usually it is not a long line but 90 minutes after opening there is no way it is a 33 minute wait. 9:30 on a 9:00 opening is actually 40-45 minutes after opening and I do not believe that 33 minute wait either.

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Doubtful. And I would have a hard time waiting 33 minutes for this one anyway.

Bummer dude.