Park Hours and EMH May 28-June 8

I am planning my trip around Early Morning Hours. On the crowd calendar it gives park hours and EMH. When I added my trip to the dashboard on this website the EMH days and parks are different than the ones on the crowd calendar. My 180 day to make reservations is Friday. Can any one help me find the correct park hours and EMH? Thanks!!!

These are the most current schedules.


Please keep in mind that everything on these calenders is subject to change. Make back-up plans. I had a pre-RD ADR at CP, at 100 days Disney changed the calender and my EMHpm became an EMHam.

Thanks for the links. They are very helpful…unless they change. I noticed the closing time on HS was 8:30 and Fantasmic is at 9. Thinking that may be a mistake.