Park hours and EMH Discrepancies


ok.. trying to prep for my FPP for thanksgiving week. the times posted on TP, easyWDW and MDE are different on several days. which should i go with?


What dates are different? I am planning that week also and see no differences.


it appears that i had not updated my spreadsheet from what TP had posted a couple of months ago. sorry!!


so, checking back through all my hours, TP and MDE hours are the same. It is just the EasyWDW predicted hours are different.


Interesting. I've seen a discrepancy btw MDE and TP several times and TP was right every time! If it weren't for TP, I would have missed an EMH morning, extended park hours one day, etc. Those couple extra hours in the parks more than 'paid' for my subscription that year.

Edit: see now you caught the error. Still, great that you are on the lookout b/c MDE can be wrong.


you should see my spreadsheet!! now, i have gone in and made a line of when the parks actually opened last year on the same day. park closing doesn't really make a difference for us as we are not night owls. but those park openings sure can change a lot! i think i will just make my plans assuming of park opening like what actually happened last year.