Park Hopping

I have park hopper tickets. I don’t really love AK, but I love Pandora, so we want to go there and use a FP. Epcot has EMH that day, so how crazy would it be to go to Epcot at 8, ride Soarin and Frozen, head to AK use my FP on Pandora, and then head back to Epcot?
If I do it, what’s the easiest way to get from park to park?

Probably just taking a bus. Unless you want to do Uber or Lyft. Sounds like fun though!

See this article about Minnie Van Service:

Does the plan itself sound totally ridiculous?
If we use Disney transportation, would I go to Beach Club and take a bus to AK from there?

All the parks have some form of transportation that links them to the others. EP to AK would be a bus.

And it doesn’t sound crazy to me, it is your vacation spend the time how you wish.

So those are direct from one park to the other??? I didn’t know that.
Do they tend to take a lot longer than the ones going to resorts?

Yes they are direct transfers, they are on the normal 20-30 minute rotation.

The problem isn’t unless you are staying at one of the resorts they are rolled out to, you can’t even get the code.

Can’t get what code?

For the Minnie Vans mentioned in the post I was replying to. They are not running from all resorts yet.

The are only for the Beach Club and Yacht Club, unless something has changed, but i have read about where people went into their lobbies and got their selves activated.

They have expanded it to some other resorts. As for getting it activated, I have seen mixed results. Some have but others have been asked to show proof of staying there.

It is all Deluxe, SSR, CBR, and Pop.