Park hopping with 2.5 year olds

Looking for suggestions on the most efficient way of park hopping with our 2.5 year olds. We are staying at YC. 5 day park hopper. Plan to spend AM at one park, back to hotel around 12/1p for nap (fingers crossed) or downtime, then go to a different park at 3/4p for a few hours.

Trying to decide if it’s better to got to go to a park close to hotel for the AM or PM session. Example: best to do EP then MK or MK then Epcot.
Obviously park hours will be considered as well a EMH.

I know we will be sacrificing time by going back to hotel, but we don’t think the kids will nap in stroller and could use a break away for just a bit to recharge. We don’t expect to see everything during our trip, but want to be smart about it logistically to maximize the time we do have.

I’d do a close park for the PM session. Buses I feel are most efficient first thing in the morning. They know everyone is going from a hotel to a park and schedule accordingly (for the most part).

Leaving at park close on a bus is a nightmare. Spend your evenings at Epcot and enjoy your time. Your 2.5 year olds are going to be too short for most rides anyway so just enjoy the evening ambience there.


Very insightful. Thank you!

What you are thinking is how we do it. Epcot area hotels are great for hopping.

We plan what we want to do like a jigsaw puzzle.
We are early risers, so, am emh is an absolute must. Also, dhs emm is an absolute must. After early am, we come back for a break, and then hop to whichever park makes the most sense, keeping in mind that dhs and ep are only a few minutes away. Bonus when am emh is at ep or Hollyweird.