Park hopping to MK on an Extended Evening Night

Just curious if anyone has been blocked from hopping to MK on an EEH night even with an ADR due to capacity limits. We booked the dessert party on one of those nights with the plan to take advantage of EEH after our dessert (and to avoid the crush of humanity heading to the exits). However, we are spending the earlier part of the day in AK and then a late lunch in DS before hopping to MK shortly before the dessert party.

Assuming you have park hopper tickets or AP, you should be fine. The one and only time since restarting park hoppers that a park closed to hopping, was on Oct. 1, 2021 at MK for a few hours (4-8pm). That was the day of the 50th anniversary.

That’s a relief to hear. I was just worried if the popularity of EEH would block a park hopper. Thanks!

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Are you referring to the extended evening hours available only to people staying at deluxe resorts? If so, all reports are that the parks are a ghost town by then with great opportunities to ride with low waits, no capacity concerns.

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I know it’s not an ideal use of the time, but was wondering.
If you have a park hopper ticket and are staying at a deluxe can you enter the park after the extended evening hours have begun? Will you have an issue getting through the taps if you arrive at 9pm for an 8-10pm extended hours?

Extended evening hours follow the park hopping rules. If you have the right ticket media and APR combo to enter that park at that time, then yes you can enter after the EEH have already started. You should have no problems. In fact, you can enter anytime after 2:00 pm up until 9:59 pm.

That can happen in a couple different ways:

  1. That park is your APR park for that day.
  2. You’ve already tapped in to your APR park, and you have an AP or PH ticket.