Park Hopping, Stacking, Park Open Times

I plan on using G+ on a day where I will start at EPCOT and hop to AK. EPCOT opens at 9am, AK at 8am.

If I make my first G+ choice for EPCOT at 7am, can I make my next G+ selection at 10am if that selection will be in AK? Or is it 11am?

(Specifically, selecting Remi at 7am then will choose Navi at next window opening)

No bc it’s based off the park hours for wherever you make your first ll selection.


Assuming the return time is more than 2 hrs away from park opening, it’s 2 hrs after Epcot opens, since that’s the park your first LL is booked for. So 11am.

Of course if you get a 9:15am return time then that’s when you can book the next ne.

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