Park Hopping - Split Party

We are coming for Spring Break next week. Hubby is working from the condo for most of the day and joining us in the evening. I know that you have to check in at your “reserved” park before you can park hop. If he wants to join us at a hopped-to park later in the day, can I take his Magic Band and scan him in at our “reserved” park so he doesn’t physcially have to go there? I can’t change his park reservation to the hopped to park because all the APRs are taken now! THANKS!!!

Pretty sure that’s not going to work since it will be extremely obvious what you are doing.

But kudos to you for knowing how hopping works! On another forum, someone had a big rant titled “Park Hopping Fail” when it was really “I didn’t read how it works and screwed up.” when the story was told.


With the fingerprint scan off you can likely walk in with one. Leave a bit later. Come back in using the other one. Both will then be checked into the first park before you head to the second. Not sure of the consequences if you get caught.

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This isn’t a bad idea. Why would they care, could it make a difference on Disney’s end somehow? This could be an interesting solution. I’m curious to see what miss_lissa_00 winds up doing. :blush: Hopefully availability at your 2nd park becomes available soon, you never know, someone may change their plans. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

In theory, they would care if the park in question filled up its reservations, and an imaginary person not buying food and merch took the spot from a real person who would have. Or if that led to a lost sale of a ticket day overall. Not saying I’m on Disney’s side or the guest side on these things, but that’s what would matter to them.


A good point, thanks for pointing it out. I mean, after all at the end of the day, Disney does want to make money.

As a counterpoint, because they’re not letting him switch his park reservation to the second park, he still needs to hang on to that reservation anyway - it can’t be released to another guest. And no one would question the ethics if he physically went to the park for five minutes and went back to the hotel.

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Yeah that makes sense. I didn’t think that through all the way. With the new hopping rules, who’s to say it’s not acceptable to use a park reservation solely to get to another park later, when Disney is giving them no other way? That’s a benefit of paying more for a hopper ticket, and it’s the customer’s choice on how best to use the ticket within the current system. I think some just may take slight issue with the idea of scanning someone’s band that isn’t actually there, just on principle.

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Thanks for all the input! Trust me - Disney has gotten their money from me already and will get more next week. :slight_smile: For Day 1, we ended up deciding that hubby will go with us to AK in the morning to try to ride Pandora at rope drop (wish us luck!) and then he will be “checked in” to that park. It’s probably the only day we need to worry about park hopping.

Just a nit-picky clarification, Pandora is the land. (Technically Pandora - The World of Avatar)

Pandora has two rides - Na’vi River Journey and Avatar Flight of Passage.

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