Park Hopping Question

Hey all. We are yearly trippers to WDW, but our kids are young and we have never park hopped…it was just a bit too much for them. Well they are a little bit older now and our last day in the parks is a Friday (Sep 16). In years past we would go to MK, but, that is now an extra magic hour day and we stay offsite so we will avoid that in the morning. I was thinking about going to EPCOT in the morning and then sometime after lunch hop over to MK and just give them a little time there to end the vacation. First question, we have 6 DAY base tickets…can i upgrade just the 1 ticket for Friday to a park hopper ? Second, does this sound like a decent idea to anyone or is it a suicide mission ! LOL

You should be able to upgrade to hoppers at any point, for all the remaining days. Since you only want to hop on your last day, that should work. Upgrade at Guest Services.

I believe the park hopper costs the same whether it is for one day or six days. You might want to add it for your whole trip or calculate whether the cost is worth it.

I get that you can do it at the park @mkmuzzy, however, what if i want to make FP+ reservations ahead of time at both EPCOT and MK that day? Does the system need to see a park hopper ticket in my account to enable that function ?

The FP+ system still only lets you book advance ones for just one park. But the day of, after you’ve used the third, then you can make the 4th one be at a different park. I know there’s some new work-arounds for when exactly you can make that 4th, other people can speak to that.

Truthfully if you look at your schedule and that one afternoon is the only time you’d use the hoppers I’m not sure it would be worth it. You’d be paying for 6 days worth of hoppers to use once, which is a little over $60 each. For that money maybe you could consider doing something out of the parks, like a Watch and Dine and AMC, Disney Quest, or even a Waterpark.

But value of course is in the eye of the beholder so if you feel like you’d be getting your monies worth then go for it. We love hoppers because we like to have dinner in Epcot on several nights.

@mkmuzzy is right about booking FPP’s though.

you can add park hopper at any time - but it is always the same regardless of days. That does sound like fun. We don’t park hop as we don’t think it is worth the money - but i can see how some would really like it. I remember when you got Park Hopping for FREE