Park hopping plan with RoTR

Hi liners. I am trying to figure out my one park hopping day with 3 parks. Here is a list of the minimum I want to get done and a few scenarios. Much of it is dependent on what BG I get but since this is my first park hopping day ever I’d love some input on what seems like a better plan.
Here is what i want to get done at each park:
Hollywood Studios:
RoTR, enjoy galaxys edge, tower of terror. I currently have evening fast passes for ToT, slinky dog and toy story mania that are in the 5pm-7pm time period. Of course getting a BG requires I get to HS first and then either leave and wait to be called or try to modify FPP to morning and stay if I get a morning BG.
Flower and garden booths, world showcase/ topiaries and spaceship earth, turtle talk.
Animal Kingdom:
FoP and EE

Ideally I would like to get a morning BG, rope drop ToT and enjoy galaxys edge, until about 11, drop or modify my FPP and then head over to Epcot for the afternoon and then AK in the evening to do EE and then pandora at night getting in line for FoP just before close.

If I get a higher number BG I’m trying to decide if I should attempt to rope drop FoP. I would have to pay for another uber to get there because I doubt buses are going there from HS that early. Maybe it would be best to rope drop HS no matter what and then hope that I’m called while I am enjoying Epcot before I go to AK in the evening.

I would totally do this.

In fact, for a time our plans called for us to BG ROTR and then leave and head to MK for PPO BOG (until I got a better BOG for our overall plans).

I think that’s a very feasible and totally perfect way to make use of already being up at o’dark30 already. Two birds (banshees?) with one stone


What are the park opening times for AK and HS? Would you really get to AK early enough to make RD of FOP worth it? The day we were there, I think we got there about 45 min before opening to RD Navi, and the line for FOP was already huge.

Just to give you an idea, here’s the timeline for an HS -> AK park hop I did 2 weeks ago:

8:28a FP1 8:30a for SDD, off at 8:36a
8:42a MFSR single rider, off at 9:04a (115min posted wait)
9:22a ROTR BG called, off at 10:07a
10:10a FP2 Muppets, burned
10:16a exited park
10:25a arrived at All Star Sports via Uber

Checked out of hotel, ate lunch, worked for 90 minutes.

1:42p tapped in at AK
1:53p FP3 Dinosaur, off at 2:14p
2:22p Everest single rider, off at 2:41p
3:01p picked up SDD for FoP at 4:05p
3:22p Tough To Be A Bug, out 3:36p
4:00p FP4 FoP, off at 4:26p
4:35p Exited park

I could have easily fit in a few more rides and a third park, but I had some work to do on my laptop mid day, then had a flight to catch in the evening. I’d do the best you can to get your Fastpasses moved to the morning so you can take advantage of adding more and maybe get a same day drop. I actually grabbed a NRJ at AK, but had to leave to make my flight.

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@amvanhoose HS “opens” at 8 am but people usually tap in by 7:15 and I’ve heard reports that you can leave and still get a BG. AK opens at 9. What time were they tapping people in at AK to be held? I’m hoping it is after 8 that they are having people tap in.
I don’t know if I will go that route. It’s a tough call. I might want to wait to see what BG I get or I might be too nervous that I will miss it if I am away. Even if I get called though I have 2 hours to get back to HS. I keep going back and forth. I have never rope dropped FoP. I always do it at the end of the night or after hours.
@matt3846 how did you use your third FPP at another park? I thought they all had to be used at the same park until the 4th?? I very much want morning FPPs. Hopefully I can modify what I have and use them up early.

After using your second, you can change your third to a different park. That’s why I tapped into Muppets with FP2, but left without entering. Then I changed my FP3 from Star Tours to Dinosaur.

This is a game changer.

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One note on that… you have to cancel that 3rd. “Modify” will not work. And actually, now that I think about it, I believe the same would work after FP1 tap-in by canceling 2 and 3. I should have tried that instead of burning FP2 at Muppets.

Thanks so much! If it ends up coming to that and I feel ok dropping my SDD I will try it.

I thought I read somewhere that the first BGs of the day now only have a 1 hour return window? Not sure how strictly that is enforced though.

Yes, you can definitely leave and still get a BG. But if you run into issues (ex it doesn’t show your whole party as tapped in), I suspect harder to fix if you’ve left. If you’re still there, you just grab BG for everyone showing as tapped in and guest services seems to pretty consistently add people to your party that are standing in front of them as proof of tap in.

When we got to AK approx 45 min before park opening, there were already a LOT of people ahead of us and the vast majority of them were going to FOP. They started tapping people in shortly after that (I found a picture that we were walking by the Tree at 37 min before opening). On our way to Navi, the FOP line was already huge. Maybe 80 min if we’d gotten in that instead? Not sure how long you were hoping for?

If you wait to leave HS until after 8 when you see what BG you get, it’s going to be much longer.

I think you are probably better off committing to one or the other. Either tap in at HS and head straight to RD FOP (and hope for no BG wonkiness) or stick around at HS to try to ensure a BG but not try to RD FOP and then close day at FOP.


I prefer animal kingdom in the evening and I also don’t want to spend my one day running around like a crazy person. Id like to have fun so I think I will probably head there either after my SDD FPP at 6:15 or maybe drop that and go even earlier if we ride RoTR in the morning.