Park Hopping last week August question on FPP

Hi All

Question, We are hitting EMH at Park A each day so doing from 8am till 12 then lunch and back to resort.
5PM back to park B for Dinner.

So do I book our FPP for Park A 10 11 and 12 or for the afternoon park 6 7 8?

What would YOU do? :smiley:

Sorry- my response is always : it depends. If park A is MK and park B is HS I would save them for HS. If park A is HS and park B is MK I would use them on park A.

Yeh that does make sense, Im also obviously planning if AK is second park to use FP for A Pandora FPP too and just manage OK in the morning.

My only other thought with MK first is if we do 2 hours of rides and then for example do SOTMK or the water play area or train ride round park etc type activities to really only do rides in first 2 hours.

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