Park hopping during the week of Christmas

I’m thinking of park hopping during the week of Christmas to take advantage of EMH. However, how do the crowds impact parking? I’m worried I’ll be spending a lot to time trying to find parking and get to/from the parking lot.

First a disclaimer - I tend to stay onsite and use Disney transportation for getting around the world, so I personally don’t have any experience with this situation, but I have been at Disney over Christmas. I think a lot of your decision will depend on which parks you’re hopping between. I know the year I was there, on Christmas Day, the Magic Kingdom lot at the TTC filled very quickly and they were having people park at other parks and transporting them back to Magic Kingdom. Also, I remember the commute being just awful, I was staying at POP and going to Epcot took about 90 minutes, when it usually takes between 20 - 25 minutes. I think Christmas is the one time of the year when it’s actually to your advantage to use the Disney Transportation instead of driving your own vehicle.

Not speaking from experience but from what I’ve read you will need to give it careful thought. My sugestions would be to only park at the TTC and EP in the morning, park where you will end the night and use disney transport in between.

My original thought was to ride the bus when going to MK, but drive to the other parks. Maybe I need to rethink my game plan.