Park hopping and Genie+/ILL questions

I have a question on how Genie+ works with a Park Hopper ticket. If I purchase a Park Hopper ticket with Genie+ and want to do MK in the morning and Epcot in the evening, does Genie+ allow me to purchase ILLs in the morning for both parks? And I assume I can use the 120 minute rule to stack Genie+ reservations at Epcot before I get to the park (e.g. in the morning when I am at MK)?

Yes you can stack the rides. And you can mix them at both parks.

It seems you might be offered earlier times for the second park but when you go to actually book it the system will automatically push the time beyond 2pm.

The 120 minutes starts from when the park in which you make your first G+ booking opens.

So if are hopping to Epcot and you book your first one for Epcot at 7:05am, then you can book your second one 2 hrs after Epcot opens.

But if you booked one for MK and tapped in at 9:05am you could immediately book one for Epcot for the afternoon. And then your 120 minutes starts, so you can book another at 11:05am.

Thanks. And I can buy all ILLs in the morning for both parks? This could be up to 3 (Mine Train, Remy, Cosmic Rewind)

No, you can only buy 2 ILLs per day.

ETA unless they announce something different in the meantime.

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So park hopping was my biggest problem last trip -

How did y’all get it to switch parks!!!

Seriously I need a tutorial on how to work the new app - *should the powers the be at touringplans teaches decide to do a disney for the technology challenged video, it would be greatly appreciated *

I get the stacking concept ect but for the life of me I can’t seem to make it work!