Park hopping and FPP in HS

I’m starting in epcot and thinking about hopping to HS later in the day. The only “must do” for us is TOT. Everything else is bonus. What is probability of FPP for TOT if we use our first 3 in epcot?

What time will you get to HS? I’ve seen a lot of availability for TOT

Probably after 5:30.

Sorry, when are you going? Today?

No. Sorry. I wish it was today. In September.

I think you will be good , I would play around now trying to see if any are available on line just don’t book them. During fantasmic the lines are reduced. Sept is a very slow time of year so that is in your favor. We are going to HS on Sept 8th and the crowd level is a 2. It’s open til 11:30 so I plan on plenty of night rides on TOT and RNRC

Right now, there aren’t any more ToT fpps available for today. Sept will be less crowded, but there is a possibility that you might be doing stand by

Thanks. I’ll play around with it closer to trip time I guess. Maybe I just need to live more and plan less.

Thinking better to save 3 for DHS. RD Soarin (snag a paper fast pass if they are still doing that for seconds), hit TT (single rider if need be), and the rest of EP is gravy. Then, hop to DHS and FPP TOT (if waits are low you can standby or get a 4th FPP for it) and either Toy Story or Rockin.

ToT SB may be a short line. You have to decide which park to concentrate your FPPs on. I personally never FPP EP but rely on RD and hop to another park or I spend a majority of my time in WS.