Park Hopping and FastPass Frustration

This is my first time really using the park-hopping strategy and I’m getting really confused.

On Day #2, we’re planning to start at HS at 8am for EMH, take the mid-day break, and then hop over to Epcot for the rest of the day, including dinner at Biergarten. On day #3, we’re doing the opposite: starting at Epcot at 9am for rope-drop, then hopping back to HS after the mid-day break.

Even though it’s super-early, I’ve been playing around with touring plans and fastpass strategies. I like the commonly recommended advice to RD the headliners at the morning park and save the fastpasses for the second park in the late afternoon and evening. But Epcot is driving me crazy!

We will all likely want to do Soarin’, but will probably split into two groups: one that does Test Track and one that does Frozen Ever After. I assumed I could rope-drop Soarin’ and then use fastpasses for Test Track/FEA, but the plans I get seem to think Soarin’ will have a longer wait than Frozen and I should use the fastpass for Soarin’ instead. Is anyone else finding that?

Do most of you save your fastpasses for the afternoon park when you’re parkhopping?

Thanks in advance!

I think TP’s wait time estimates for FEA are still off. Maybe it’s still just too new for them to have accurate data, but whatever the case, I think you’re wait at FEA will almost always be longer than a wait at soarin’. Just check out the wait times on here or on MDE app periodically-FEA always has a longer wait than soarin or TT when I check. I think your strategy to RD soarin, then fpp for either TT or FEA sounds good.

I park hop every single park day. I book my FPs by what I want to guarantee I can do. For example. I love three rides at HS so I always book my FPs there. Soarin is about the only “must do” for me at EP so I may rope drop it or with the new three theatres I may take a chance there will be a reasonable wait. I never, ever count on the choices of a 4th FP being one I really want at my 2nd park.

What is your priority? You have a combination of rope drop and FPs- what attractions are your “must dos”?

TP is awesome, but not perfect, I recommend letting it optimize, but then I make a copy and kinda tinker on my own and then evaluate. For example Illuminations puts you in the middle of the lake??? so I put the country where I want to watch and add a note that this is where we watch illuminations and remove the actual illuminations step. Hope this helps

TouringPlans telling me that the waits would be less than hour (45 min avg) for FEA the entire day in mid December (when crowds are a 10?)? Hmm…I’m starting to think it was a mistake not to get this FP. However, we are also parkhopping that day starting in Epcot and then heading to DHS. I ultimately decided the FPs for DHS were a higher priority and would be much harder to get if I didn’t get them in advance. I guess I will haveta rope drop this one.

That is what I would do. I agree the 45 minutes is wrong.