Park hopper?

Is it possible to add a park hopper after tickets are purchased? I am thinking that my family could probably do AK in 6 hours and after the littles nap, the bigs will be itching for something other than the pool. So, I was hoping to get to do part of Epcot World showcase that late afternoon through the evening.

Yes you can!

I am pretty sure that you would be allowed to upgrade your tickets. If one thing is true, Disney is always ready and willing to take your money.:slight_smile:

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Yes but it’s a set price, so if you only want to hop for one day you’ll be charged the same as if you wanted it for 10 days. Of course, you’ll have the ability to hop for 10 days if you want to.

YES - I remember when it was free (so a LONG time ago). We personally don’t find hopping necessary - but it is nice to have the option