Park Hopper & Water Parks?

We normally are in the World for 12 full days and buy 10 day base tickets, but don’t always use all 10 days. I’ve booked the BB offer for next Sept with 10 day water parks and park hoppers. Plus we are thinking of MNSSHP too. What experiences have you had with PH&WPM tickets? I’m thinking of cutting it back to 8 days and dropping the PH to save a bit of $$$, but just don’t know.
Any opinions?

I usually do not park hop. I pick a park and stick with it. It saves money. I also have not been to the water parks.

I suggest you cut back to the base tickets for now, the 8 days, and if you feel the need while you are there you can add the extra days, park hoppers, or water parks.

As long as you have a day left unused on your pass I believe you can upgrade.

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I agree with @Jedilogray. I know that some people are dedicated park hoppers, but we have gotten the PH option a bunch of time and either never used it or only used it once. If I was touring without kids, it might be different, of if I needed it in order to get to ADRs. As for the WPs, those actually won’t count against your 8 days, so if you do upgrade, it’s like you have 16 days worth of admissions, which I think is pretty cool. You break even pretty quickly on the WP option, maybe even at one day, so if you think you’ll actually go then it’s worth it. If you are cutting out 2 park days, those could be a great chance to go check out the WP.

@Jedilogray is giving good advice here - you can always add days/options to your tickets if you decide that you need them. On our last trip we dropped the PH option and used the savings to pay for MVMCP tickets. This effectively gave us 1 PH day, as we went to AK and then “hopped” to MK at 4:00 for the party.

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