Park hopper using touring plan

I will be going to WDW July 4th and 5th and have the park hopper. I don’t see any touring plans using the it. Am I overlooking something.

I’ll be doing the same thing this August and this is what I’m planning on unless someone else has another way to do it. Whichever park you intend to go to first, create a plan to represent the hours you will be there (i.e. 8-1) then create a separate plan for the second park, using the hours you will be there (i.e. 2-10). You’ll just have two plans rather than one completely connected plan. You’ll have access to both on your phone app or print them both out if you prefer hard copies.

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Thank you so much. I will do that now

One thing I will say about July 4 is that the road/bus traffic seems to get bad fairly early in the day, so if you’re hopping via the busses you’ll want to add a little extra travel time between the first plan ending and the next one starting, just in case.

Also, plan on it taking up to 2 hours to get either back to the resort via bus (or to be clear of the WDW traffic zone, if you’re staying offsite) after the fireworks on the 4th. That’s the worst traffic jam I’ve ever seen at WDW.