Park Hopper upgrade question

Hi all, we’re planning a trip to WDW in May 2022. Ordinarily, I’d hold off on purchasing park tickets for a bit, but I’m worried there will be a price increase before we go.

If I buy 6-day base tickets now and Disney hikes the prices between now and May, can I still add a Park Hopper option closer to when we arrive? Or would we need to repurchase our tickets at the higher rate? (I suppose the same question applies to what if we want to add a seventh day.)


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Traditionally, hopper could be added at any time, although that could change.
Also, just as base ticket prices will surely go up, the hopper add on will also increase.
I always hop, so it easy for me, but if you’re unsure, you can wait.


Yes! You can always add the Park Hopper option to your tickets before the first day of use.

Actually, you can go further than that, and add the park hopper option to your tickets all the way to the last day. Of course, waiting to the last day is probably not the best value, but if you find you REALLY REALLY want to hop on that last day, you can still add it.

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It’s been 20+ years since I haven’t added it in advance. Thanks!

It’s such a good deal that I buy it even when I don’t have park hopping planned. I figure paying an extra $75 for the ability to be flexible on the fly is me buying peace of mind. (That’s something I can’t put a price on when I’m trying to relax on vacation)


I had been totally and completely sure that I probably wouldn’t want Park Hopper. So, if we wanted it, we could add it there. Then when I used the TP ticket calculator to buy the tickets and I looked at the numbers, something seemed off. When I ran the numbers, the base tickets weren’t at much of a discount, but the park hoppers were. I think the park hopper add-on was only like $50 more. So, I went ahead and added them. I’d also decided that we’d be taking mid-day breaks because of no-fp and park reservations. So, using them shouldn’t be a problem.
Our trip is Feb 2022.
I mention this so that you can keep it in mind when you look at the prices, assuming you go with one of the recommended discount places.

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Thanks for all the good advice, everyone!

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