Park hopper touring plans

Hi. I am a new user to this site. I am planning my first visit to Disneyland and would like to try to do a touring plan to both parks in the same day. Is this possible with Toruing plans

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No, I believe there are too many iterations to compute for both parks if they were combined. Definitely would be nice.

You can’t really use the optimize feature, but for my recent trip I created two separate plans for each day I was going to park hop. My main goal was to stack fast passes at CA for the evening, so I manually inserted 90 minute breaks into a CA touring plan, for the part of the day I would be at DL. Then I added a “get FP using max pass step” between the break times. This really allowed me to get an idea of when I needed to pull FP’s and worked quite well for planning, though definitely not as straightforward as if they could be combined.

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No. But once when we were doing two parks in a day, I just changed the hours we were in the park. For example, I made one for DL from rope drop to 4 pm and DCA from 5 to closing. For each, I selected the rides that were most important to us. It gave me a good idea on flow.


Thanks for your reply

Keep in mind that you can get a FP for either park if you have MaxPass (subject to limits on how often you can apply for a new one). So you could be in DL and get a MaxPass for RSR that you use later in the day when you cross over to DCA. TP doesn’t have a really good way to account for this, but you could for example put that you are doing single rider line, which takes about the same amount of time as FP.