Park Hopper refunds

Has anyone gone to Disney during COVID where they had bought Park Hoppers ahead of time? I’m curious how refunds have been handled.

I’m also not sure how they plan to handle it for tickets not purchased directly from Disney. I don’t know if I should call/contact Disney ahead of time, or wait until we are there?

I called to modify our park tickets to remove the park hopper for our upcoming October trip. It was an experience! In addition to being on hold for three hours. They can’t just refund you the price difference, because of the park reservation system, they actually had to repurchase all new tickets for my party, link those to my MDE account and then cancel the tickets with the park hoppers. If it doesn’t work correctly there’s a chance that you’ll lose not only your park reservations but also any dining reservations you have linked to those tickets. I also bought my tickets in February before the price increase. I didn’t realize that they didn’t give me my original price, so I’m a few hundred dollars short of the refund I should have been given. I really need to call them back about that, but it’s hard to dedicate another 3 or more hours on hold for that.

I purchased our tickets directly from Disney so I can’t help with the second part of your question, but my guess would be you would need to call where you purchased them originally.

Good luck!


I thought I read that they were refunding the difference at guest services. I heard a gift card was one option, which I would imagine would work for third party tickets since Disney wouldn’t have record of the credit card you used.

But I haven’t tried it. I have hoppers purchased through third party before COVID as well and there really isn’t a lot of information. There is no way the third party company is going to deal with tickets I bought almost a year ago.


We purchased our park hoppers from Underground Tourist. I’ll be at Disney starting this Saturday and plan to go to Guest Services at Disney Springs on Saturday to get a refund. We have a lunch reservation at T Rex for Saturday so it should be pretty convenient. I’ll report back and let you know how it goes.

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I’m curious to know what happened. I’m going next month and I have park hoppers that I bought from UT before the price increase. How much did they refund you? Was it on a gift card? Thanks!

We purchased from Undercover Tourist. Two weeks ago, we went to the Epcot IG Guest Services and they were able to (quickly) calculate the difference in cost and gave us a gift card. If I remember correctly, we had a 3 day hopper and got around $63 back. It was very easy.

Was the $63 for an individual ticket?

Yes, that was just my mom’s ticket.

Okay. Thanks. We have an 8 day ticket for my wife, but I presume the amount for the park-hopping will amount to about the same, regardless of length of ticket.

I have no idea how they are calculating the difference. In September, I actually had to call guest services to change my niece’s ticket date and while I did that, they sent me a digital gift card for the park hopper at that time. I looked back to see what that gift card was worth (we bought them both at the same time through Undercover Tourist) and I only got $56.78 and her’s was a 5 day hopper. So like everything else, it seems to be a different amount dependent on where you go.

It varies by length. Found this on another website.

The extra cost on top of the base-price ticket is $69.23 for a 1-day ticket; $79.88 for add-on to 2- or 3-day tickets; or $90.53 for add-on to any 4-day or longer ticket.

Oh. Okay. I had it in my head it was the same price to upgrade any length ticket.


I called Disney, was on hold for about an hour. They gave me a refund on my credit card.