Park Hopper Plus fun visit tracking?

How are the “fun visits” included with Park Hopper Plus tracked? Can you see how many visits you have used/remaining anywhere in MDE?

We’ve never done Plus before but will be there for a convention and figured we might actually do either mini-golf or a water park briefly on some of the convention days. When booking with the Imagination Campus person I asked how the passes were done and she said the last time she did it they were physical tickets that she kept in a pile for the whole family. I’m guessing it’s been awhile since that was the case though.

I’m curious because I’ve got a family member joining us mid-week who bought there own tickets outside of the convention. We’ll likely have way more “visits” for each of us then we’ll need. I’m wondering if they’d be able to join us for a round of golf/swimming or if the “visits” are tied to your magic band and only usable once per person. IE, are they like dining credits where 1 person can just swipe for the whole group, or does each person have to swipe their own band?

It’s been a minute since we did the plus visits, but it was in the MB era, so it probably hasn’t changed. We swiped our MB to get into the water parks, so they are connected to each person.

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They’re attached to each person’s ticket, so you wouldn’t be able to use more than one per person per day, unfortunately. We tapped in with our MB for the waterpark visits.