Park hopper plans in TP?

If we have park hopper tickets, how might I optimize my personalized touring plan to account for flex to visit more than one park in a day? Even if I tell it I want to visit two parks in a day, TP still forces me to select one park and specific attractions. Am I missing something? We are planning for both Universal Orlando and Disneyworld, visiting all 6 parks.

You can’t do one TP for both parks. The best way to handle that is to do one for each park and put in the hours you expect to be at each park. Example MK 8am-1pm then HS 2pm to 11pm.

Yes, you have to do a separate TP for each park. I’ve pretty much decided which parks I’ll be going to each day LONG before I get to the TP stage. So if I know I’l going to MK at RD and then hopping to EP at 3:00, I’ll do a MK TP for 8:00 - 3:00 and a separate one for EP from 4:00 until closing.