Park Hopper FP

We have park hopper tickets and the app. If I’m in AK and use all 3 FP and decide to go to HS, can we book FP for HS while still in AK?

Yes, but not until you use your last FastPass.

Yes. Start looking as soon as you tap in (the first tap, some have 2). Just allow for transportation time if you’re getting one sooner vs later

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I was there last week. Tapped for KRR at 4pm. Looked and found a test track for 6-7 and grabbed it. Wasn’t even positive we’d make it. Did KRR, then standby for EE, then it was 5:30ish, went straight to the Epcot bus and made it. (We were staying at BW, it was our last night and we were pushing it. Once we tapped in at TT, I grabbed a RnRC for 8-9 and we took the boat over there to finish up!)