Park hopper for 1 day of a 4 day ticket?

Is it possible to get the park hopper option for 1 day of a 4 day ticket? There’s only 1 day that I want to plan for 2 parks. Thanks! Kristen

Nope. It’s one flat fee for all days.

However, you might find that with it you’re more inclined to hop to another park later in the day. We often end up at Epcot.



You’re welcome!

Come hang out over in the open thread (can be lots of innuendo) or clean open thread and say hello - we don’t bite. Also, if you don’t get an answer to a posted question, mention it there because sometimes it gets missed when it’s posted, and that will alert people that it’s there. :smile:

Dum question…how do I get to the open thread. Still missing old chat!!

You need to go to the La Cava category. You should go to an Open thread. One clean, one…

Try it and if you can’t find it come back here and reply to me.

You should be able to get into la cava. It did have a limiting thing on it to prevent robo-posting, but I think you’ve been here enough to have passed that limit.

If you can’t get in, post in the mtea category and tag @daybreaker, @len or @LaurelStewart. They’re great about responding and resolving issues. (And Happy New Year’s you guys, since I tagged you :smiley: )