Park Hopper Fast Pass Question

So I’ve never purchased park hopper before, but decided to this trip in June. Mostly because we are staying at Beach Club and I thought it might be an easy ‘Hop’ over to Epcot. My question is can I go eat at Epcot for say breakfast, but have first three fast passes for Magic Kingdom? Everything I read mentions that the fast passes are for the first park visited. I don’t want to go to Epcot, eat, and then ride something and have all my fast passes wipe out. :slight_smile:

Thanks for any advice!!!

Yes you can go to EP and save your FP for MK. FP are not for the first park you visit. They are for the park you decide to use them at!


Thank you!

A strategy I’ve heard elsewhere is to get all your FPPs for wherever you’ll be during the afternoon, because that’s the busiest. You can rope drop somewhere else and do a bunch of rides while the lines are short.

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