Park Hopper confusion

This is only our 2nd trip to Disney. I got park hoppers this time. It is so much more confusing planning our days. Weeks after planning which park we would hit each day, and avoiding MK on MVMCP days (which is all but 1) I realize we can hit MK the morning when the crowds are supposed to be lower and park hop that night DUH. So now I’ve messed up my ADR’s bc I’m trying to rearrange. Anyway, refresh my memory on the FP rule. We have to use all 3 FP in the first park. Or we can skip all FP in the first park and reserve them all at the 2nd park. Are those my 2 options?

Those two options are correct. Or a second one is that you can book 1 or 2 FPs in MK and then book another for the second park as soon as you tap in for the first one.

I have a similar approach for August. There are two MNSSHPs while we’re there so I’m planning to spend 3-4 hours in MK those days to take advantage of the lower crowds and then hop to another park where I’ll use the booked FPs.

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So if we happen to get a late FOP at AK, we can’t get any fastpasses for our morning park (MK). Right? We should just do 3 at AK.

Yes, that’s right.

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So on MK Party nights, is it generally better to book for MK in the morning and hope to get a second round of FP’s for the afternoon/evening park or just book the evening park and rely on the low crowd level at MK in the morning?

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Crowds can and will vary.
If you plan on rope dropping MK on a party night, I would do the 3 FP’s at the 2nd park.

HOWEVER, you might be able to book your 3 at MK, then get 4th/5th/6th (etc) and do a WHOLE bunch at MK, and then look for 1 FP at the 2nd park.

I’m an early riser, so I’d do RD at MK, bug out early afternoon, go for a swim when it’s HOT, then have my 3 fp’s lined up for park 2, but be done early.

I think it also depends what park you’re going to second. If it’s Epcot, there’s not a lot of rides there that are likely to have same day FP’s late that you actually need FP’s for (Soarin’, TT & FEA basically - none likely for same days). But if you were doing the afternoon at MK, there are going to be a ton more options for at least secondary attractions that a FP really helps out on as you likely can score Buzz, HM, PotC, JC, etc. same day.


That’s a good point. Any thoughts on late day FP availability at AK or DHS? Most of our days will be MK in the morning on party days and “somewhere else” later in the afternoon/eve.

In general, I think it’s better options than Epcot, but I’d defer to Touring Plans - fortunately they cover it pretty well:

The HS one has a nice chart showing 4th FP availability.

And here’s the blog entry covering when FP’s run out for each attraction. This is probably the best of the links:


I have a question along the same lines. We are making our first Disney World family trip Sept 12-17. We will be spending Thursday at MK. Friday, we have ADR at 2:45pm for our Fantasmic Dining package. Our plan is to take advantage of EMH Friday morning and then hop to HS around 12. That way we don’t do HS first and run out of things to do before coming back for the show reservation. What fast pass time recommendations do you have for HS? They would need to be afternoon or early evening. May have time for 1 before our ADR and then 2 after. Also looking to see some of the other shows before ending the evening with Fantasmic. We have a small child so we will take advantage of rider swap by only using one FP for rockin roller coaster and tower of terror and the other person will rider swap. I saw a late touring plan for HS, but I don’t recall it mentioning time suggestions for FP.